Where in the World is the Roxton Progress?

July 06, 2021

Over the previous several years, the Roxton Progress has shown up all over the world. The paper has made its way to the Olympic Games, Rome, France, Germany, and many other locations around the U.S. and the world. This time, we think we have first. Recently, the Progress turned up in Alaska! Jodi Mottwiler writes that her son Jacob Castro and his friend Matt Gonzales spent two weeks in the Land of the Midnight Sun, and what do you know, they happened across an issue of this very newspaper! The travelers found made the trek to Alaska in mid-May, and as can be seen by their dress, the spring thaw had set in. Johnny Horton’s old song, “When it’s springtime in Alaska, it’s 40 below” is pretty much a myth (unless you’re below the Arctic Circle, at least). And from experience, having visited Alaska at the same time of year as Jacob and Matt, we know that what springtime in Alaska really brings is 40-pound mosquitoes! Rumor has it one of those mosquitoes (flying at the speed of a B-52 but with twice as much firepower) was so interested in reading the Progress that it got into a fistfight with both travelers, and made off with the newspaper! So where will the Roxton Progress wind up next? Chances are its somewhere that 40-pound mosquitoes are outnumbered by 50-pounders. And, hey, everything is bigger in Texas, right? So, Texans (or anyone else in the 20 states where the Progress is mailed, let’s see where your issue mysteriously appears. Whether it’s in your recliner or some research center in Antarctica, send us your photos! Watch out, though. The Roxton Progress has been known to follow folks all over the world. If nothing else, we are loyal to our subscribers! You can email your photo to publisher@theroxtonprogress. com. See you soon!